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The most important record set that night was that the game lasted 33 innings over a total of nearly eight and
a half hours! Three players went to bat 14 times in the game while a single catcher for the Pawtucket Redwings
worked behind the plate for 31 innings before being taken out for exhaustion, and the umpire Dennis Cregg set the
all-time record by calling 882 pitches.

It’s easy to think that the TWO BILLION PEOPLE struggling to find a drink of water everyday are not part of
our experience, are not our problem, that they are the “them” and “those people.”
Our documentary, THE THIRST TRAP, will make it clear that we are truly ONE PLANET, ONE WORLD,
where the fate of literally, hundreds of millions, suffering by no fault of their own, affects everyone of us.


Being naughty might just be a good thing this year. More than just your typical “zombie” movie, Christmas With The Zombies marries humor with just the right amount of suspense and terror, resulting in a future cult classic. The story begins when NORAD shoots down Santa. Or do they?


Award-Winning International Film Director William Kely McClung’s newest film A BUNCH OF FIVES is proud to officially be moving into development.

Life is lived between the punches. Like a “knuckle sandwich,” the idiom “a bunch of fives” was coined in boxing lexicons and sport pages of the early 1800s in London and represents the powerful blow from a trained fighter’s fist.

A BUNCH OF FIVES is a film filled with the “Raging Bull-like” intensity of the boxing ring, the emotional resonance of tragic love story, the “Field of Dreams-like” fantasy of wonderment and the mystery of life unknowable around us, and buried secrets of murder and deceit in a town teetering on the edge as our hero’s own war-torn past rushes back with horrific vengeance to deliver the winning knockout that is A BUNCH OF FIVES.

ABLE SEAMAN JUST NUISANCE®© (Based on true story)

The British Royal Navy has seriously gone to the dogs. It was 1939 and the world was on the brink of war when the British Royal Navy decided the answer to Hitler’s unabated aggression was hidden in the outer reaches of the Empire. South of Cape Town, in the sleepy little village of Simon’s Town, lay the secret to victory over the forces of evil threatening the Empire and, indeed, the world.

THE SIEGE OF O’OKIEP®© (Based on true story)

A battle that never happened and a siege that ended a war. In a remote part of the British Empire, on the southern tip of the continent of Africa, the old world was beginning its inevitable crash into the new. The last great Imperial War and era had begun. It would be known as the Boer War. Our story commences in the beginning of the third year of the conflict. Both of the opposing commanders Colonel Shelton and General Smuts basically disobeyed their orders.

Colonel Shelton was to protect the diamond and copper mines. Those were his orders. But when General Maritz destroyed the mission and the surrounding town, he brought over 5500 women and children into the garrison for protection. General Smut’s orders were to reduce the O’Okiep garrison to ruble as quickly as possible. Knowing the war would soon be over, General Smuts did not want to see hundreds, if not thousands, of his Boer troops killed at in a final and most likely senseless battle. The British had two maxim machine guns and he knew the terrible price his men would pay in an all-out attack.

After months of siege, General Smuts felt compelled to launch an all-out attack. It started with a
bombardment in the dark of night. At dawn, with thousands of Boer troops ready to attack and everyone in position, an American buckboard was sited with four men and a large white flag barreling down the valley. It contained two British Officers and two Boer Officers. The war was over. This story is about a final battle that did not take place and a siege that help end the war.

Note: In all of South Africa. O’Okiep is the only place where whites, blacks and coloreds (as people of mixed heritage like to be referred in South Africa), have cemeteries side by side. To this day they share have a common theme of history and respect.

The Siege of O’Okiep is also the only Anglo-Boer War siege in which everyone was fed the same rations and no one died from starvation or disease.

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Dumb Dog Productions LLC is a family owned company. With over 60 years of film and TV experience between the sister and two brother team. Sherri is the CEO with a background as a writer and executive producer. James is also a writer and producer with a past in props and research. Bruce is a producer and specializes in budgets, scheduling and locations. His past includes working as an accountant and art department coordinator. Montage is the culmination of some of the work we have worked on either individually or collectively.

With a team that has lived and worked on five continents we take a global look at the work we do. Targeting specific demographics, distribution and genre oriented audiences. We have offices located in White Sands, New Mexico and Cape Town, South Africa. At right Bruce’s first show. The Spelling TV series ‘Safe Harbor’.

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