project: Christmas with the Zombies

Log Line: ‘Being Naughty might just be a good thing this year’


Being naughty is a good thing this year – Santa’s sleigh and reindeer are discovered by eight year old Rusty, who runs back home to tell his wildly unbelievable tale that NORAD shot down Santa. Or did they?

Feature Film
90 minutes
Being naughty is a good thing this year…
More than just your typical “zombie” movie, Christmas With The Zombies marries humor
with just the right amount of suspense and terror, resulting in a future cult classic.
The nightmare begins when NORAD shoots down Santa. While tracking Santa and his
reindeer on the annual pilgrimage around the world a UFO threatens the local nuclear
facility. Determined to keep America safe, NORAD swings into action warning off the
errant plane. With no response to their multiple warning calls, NORAD is forced to take
action and shoot down the plane right before it reached the nuclear facility.
Crashing into the lake located right beside the nuclear plant, a sleigh and eight authentic
looking reindeer fly out of the crashed plane and crack through the ice covered lake.
Quickly refreezing half in and half out…it does, indeed, look like NORAD has shot down
Santa. The pilot, strangely dressed as Santa, the co-pilot and flight engineer, even more
strangely dressed as elves, are thrown from the plane, into a glowing goo trickling from
the nuclear power plant outfall pipe. They quickly freeze under the ice, floating in an
eerie underwater cesspool of biological contaminants created by an accident at the
nuclear power plant.

Santa’s sleigh and reindeer are discovered by eight year old Rusty, who runs back home to
tell his wildly unbelievable tale that NORAD shot down Santa. Meanwhile the
contaminants have time to work their hideous magic on the poor Santa and his Elves
trapped under the ice. By the time Rusty convinces his parents to sends his 18 year old
twin brothers to investigate, the damage is done and the zombies are loose.
In the meantime back at the high school the finishing touches are being applied to the
Christmas Eve floats in the shop garage by best friends, Iris, kickboxing confident Latino,
and Amanda, brainy blond beauty, when twelve Santa’s arrive for “Santa Training” in the

After training is complete, each Santa will be assigned a location throughout the small
friendly town to “play” Santa. Unfortunately “plane crash” Santa has emerged from the frozen abyss as your worst nightmare Santa and he is looking for recruits. Who better to
fill his army from the underworld than fellow Santa’s. “Plane crash” Santa and his loyal elf
make short work of the freshly minted Santa’s turning them into loyal zombie minions of
the master St. Nick.

Back at the lake, the adorable high school senior twin brothers discover their little
brother has not lost his mind and they are now on the hunt for ZOMBIES. First stop –
high school – to warn and recruit their friends. They find their friends Amanda and Iris
working on the float, and then meet up with their friends, Marcus, brilliant, black, star
quarterback, and Ralphie, their pudgy but adorable Asian friend, and the hunt begins.
Investigating ominous sounds coming from the auditorium, they discover a strangely
quiet battle ground…clearly something has happened and it can’t be good. The list of
locations for each of the 12 Santa’s of Christmas is located and The Gang begins their
adventure. This diverse group of friends must band together and follow the list to destroy
each and every Zombie Santa before the curse can spread and destroy their town.
Follow The Gang from venue to venue as they trap and destroy each Zombie Santa.

Throw in a conspiracy theorist Vietnam Vet and two gay Special Forces Veterans and you
have the perfect mixture of comradery, loyalty, terror, humor and ZOMBIES.

Destined to become a Christmas classic with an annual reoccurring revenue stream, this
new twist on the old zombie genre will have them coming back year after year.