project: a bunch of fives

Log Line: ‘Life is lived between the blows’


After a military hero turned boxer is gunned down in the streets, his mysterious recovery brings him to a small coal-mining town in the Appalachians where new love and loyalties are tested in the biggest fight of his life against a backdrop of buried secrets and murder.

A BUNCH OF FIVES is a thrilling, action-packed fight film in the vein of “Warrior”
and “Million Dollar Baby” woven around military exploits and small-town secrets. It’s
a story where action and consequence intersect with the mystery of love and hope with
an exploration of what it means to sacrifice oneself for the love of another.

PROJECT TEAM (A Bunch of Fives)

  • Director / Kely McClung
  • Producer / Bruce Bisbey
  • Director of Photography / Adrian Cranage
  • Casting Director / Craig Campobasso
  • Ex Producer / Sherri Rowe
  • Composer / Wolfgang Eckert
  • Storyboards-Illustrator / Mark Marren
  • Jay S. Kenoff / Dumb Dog Productions – A Bunch of Fives Production Attorney

CAST (A Bunch of Fives)

  • Alice Krige
  • Mike Jimenez / Intercontinental Light Heavyweight Champion

Kely McClung p.g.a. / Director


Award-Winning Writer/Director Kely McClung has produced and directed three feature films including “Blood Ties,” “Kerberos,” and “Altered.” McClung has produced and directed two short films, and stepped in a guest director on two other features, Stan Harrington’s “Lost Angels,” and Robert Pralgo’s “Zombie Invasion.” His own films have won dozens of awards for directing, writing, cinematography, and editing at film festivals around the world.

Kely McClung is an Award Winning Director/Writer/Actor who was launched into the movie industry after winning the brutal World Championship in Full Contact Stick-Fighting.

Known for his expertise in nearly every aspect of film-making, McClung is also an accomplished artist and photographer with both drawings and photographs appearing in various exhibits around the country. His powerful portrait of Martin Luther King Jr. and Mahatma Ghandi hangs at the Martin Luther King Center for Non-Violent Change in Atlanta, Georgia. His artistic skills are evident in his every aspect of his cinematography and post production skills, as well as his stylistic editing.

Kely McClung was inducted into the Munich Hall of Honors in 2013 for his work as a film director, and again in 2017 for his ongoing contributions as a martial arts teacher.

Though almost all his time is dedicated to film, and recently named “One of The Top 100 Indie Filmmakers in the World,” in the book of the same name written by festival stalwart Del Weston, McClung still trains in and teaches martial arts, and conducts workshops for advanced skills around the world.