project: able seaman just nuisance

Able Seaman Just Nuisance with some of his sailors.
Just Nuisance on the train taking up three seats
Able Seaman Just Nuisance after a night out with his sailors, note his hang over remedy, a bottle of beer next to the nurse.

Log Line: ‘The Royal Navy has gone to the dogs’


Based on a true story, Just Nuisance is an hilarious, happily-ever-after misadventure of the only dog ever enlisted in the Royal Navy. A gigantic Great Dane, Just Nuisance bumbled his way into the hearts of countless sailors and civilians as he championed his beloved mates, saved lives, and kept his little corner of the Empire safe from the Axis.

It was 1939 and the world was on the brink of war.  The Royal Navy decided victory lay in the hidden recesses of their  Empire. Recesses like Simon’s Town South Africa, where an unexpected secret would put an end to Hitler and his dreams of world domination.

A dog…but not just any dog…an oversized Great Dane who amassed a fortune in fame on two continents and went on to become a legend. This is his story. And, the story of the sailors who befriended him, ultimately saved him, and the madcap mayhem they made together.

Just Nuisance loved  every sailor in Simon’s Town, except the vindictive Captain McGee.  To settle the score, he arranged a dognapping, employing two comically inept underlings who were hopelessly bamboozled by our hero.  Free to run amok up and down the Cape, Just Nuisance invented good natured chaos, ruffled feathers and made history when he foiled German sabotage. All the while running from the arrogant South African Railways, who put a bounty on his free spirited head. As a last resort, Admiral Drake hatched a plan to enlist him, making him immune to punishment.

With his loyal sidekick Ajax the bulldog, the dashing and devoted Captain Dorrington, the  effervescent nurse Elizabeth, the crazy but dedicated sailors and a young orphan cadet, Just Nuisance defeated criminals, disheveled dancing girls, discombobulated Nazis and delighted everyone.

Castle of Good Hope Fortress, Cape Town, South Africa
Simon’s Town Naval Base Dry Dock